Another (better) way to generate Javadoc with UML diagrams

Today I want to tell you about my favorite documentation generator. This is Doxygen.

It’s totally free, supports a lot of languages, generates graphs, can link source code and even process code without comments. The output formats are: HTML, Latex, RTF, PDF and others. Also it can be tuned for many aspects, so it’s nearly ideal!

I used Doxygen for making documents for Qt project (C++) and it had worked perfectly. To tell the truth, Doxygen is de facto standard for generating documentation from C++ source, but how it deal with Java?

Brilliantly! You need to do just four steps:

  • download and install Graphviz. I wrote about it in my previous post.
  • download and install Doxygen.
  • open doxywizard
  • specify all the options and Run – Run doxygen!

Configuring Doxygen could presents some difficulties for beginners, so I share my doxygen file, that tuned on generating RTF and html documentation with all the graphs.

Take the file, go to doxywizard and File – Open. You have to tune some fields in {}’s and fields in Expert – Project window. My changes are highlighted with red color.

Link to file.


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